Quality Management

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Effective management of a call center’s operations should include processes and software for quality monitoring of calls. MediaVault’s quality monitoring features allow you easily review, evaluate and score call recordings for compliance and coaching of agents. From building custom evaluation forms to scoring calls, we make it easy for you to develop and manage your quality monitoring functions.

  • Create dynamic, flexible forms and scorecards fro agent performance evaluation
  • Assign point values for questions and sections
  • Auto-generate total score for evaluation forms
  • Monitor agent calls, chats and emails while scoring forms simultaneously
  • Add comments on evaluation forms for follow-up and coaching
  • Send completed evaluations to agents and schedule follow-up
Quality Monitoring with MediaVault Plus

Discover the Benefits of Quality Monitoring

  • Easily create standardized quality monitoring forms
  • Tailor forms for specific interaction types
  • Provide fact-based, actionable feedback to agents
  • Standardize monitoring and coaching methodologies across the organization