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MediaVault Plus is a secure, scalable and affordable way to archive, retrieve and review call recordings, emails and chats. Designed as a highly scalable cloud-based solution, MediaVault can grow with you and handle the demands of small and enterprise-level organizations. It integrates with leading cloud-based call center solutions and offers multiple options to save recordings for retrieval and review.
Recordings are stored in Amazon’s AWS Simple Storage Server (S3) providing a secure (AES-256 encryption), highly scalable and durable solution..
MediaVault Plus - Secure Media Storage
  • Search and listen to recordings during your confirmed retention period of time using┬ámultiple filter options
  • Email / download individual or multiple recordings
  • Flag recordings for easy retrieval
  • Mass export recordings to FTP drive
  • Create and save custom search filters
  • Download call detail records for reporting purposes
  • Complete audit trail of who accessed a recording and by which channel (listen, email, download or web service)
  • Dashboard confirming how many call detail records and recordings were downloaded to the MediaVault platform
  • Define media retention policy and have automatically executed
  • Define user roles and application access
  • Configure search results display
  • Use existing CRM or other operational system to index and search on recordings
  • Access recordings securely from third party systems via web services
MediaVault - How It Works