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Solution Overview

MediaVault is designed as a comprehensive solution to meet all the storage, retrieval and analysis needs for your contact center’s media. We’ve made it easy for you to store your media such as call recordings, emails and video recordings in industry leading cloud-based storage and provided you with secure sophisticated tools to retrieve, review and analyze your media. Our solution is designed to meet the needs of contact center operators as well legal and regulatory officers in an organization.

MediaVault Plus includes:

  • Secure long-term storage and retrieval of media recordings
  • Secure storage on Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Advanced search capabilities to easily locate recordings
  • Audit trails for compliance purposes
  • Quality Monitoring
MediaVault Plus Dashboard

Discover the Benefits of MediaVault Plus

  • Cloud based call recording solution with customizable storage duration 
  • Integrates with leading cloud-based call center solutions
  • Multiple options to save recordings for retrieval and review
  • Recordings securely stored on Amazon’s S3 or Microsoft Azure Cloud storage
  • Quality Monitoring solution included
  • Only pay for storage used
  • Managed support with US-based team